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Pal Fresh Frozen Plums: A vibrant array of plump, juicy plums glistening with frost, ready to be enjoyed year-round.

Frozen Plum

Frozen Plum is offered online at the best prices here. This product allows availability of this fruit, even during non-season. Frozen plum has a slightly compromised texture, which makes it suitable for use in baked goods or smoothies. Having enhanced flavor, this product is also used in cakes, cobblers, crisps, ice cream, jam and sorbet.



Healthy eating leads to healthy living, this is a proven fact in the world. And this is the reason that every person wants to spend his/her money on food items that are highly nutritive and safe to consume. Starting with the objective to serve quality food products in frozen form to people, we, Pal Frozen Foods, are running our company. Having modern cold storage facilities and dexterous staff, we are efficiently serving customers. Here are some other traits of our company on which we believe that we should be chosen by customers:

100% Natural Vegetables

We always deliver pure and natural food items to our customers.

Quality Testing

A number of tests are conducted by us on the offerings to ensure superior quality.

Family healthy

Consume our frozen food items and make yourself & your family stay healthy.

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