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Frozzo is our other brand name
Frozzo Aloo tikki, cheese corn nuggets, hara bhara kebab, veg patty, chilli garlic nuggets, veggie stix packets

FROZZO - A premium range of "Ready to Fry" and "Ready to Cook" food segments, is a vibrant combination of delicious snacks and premium frozen Veggies.  It comes with an authentic taste of Indian spices blended with fresh frozen veggies, directly from our farms to your freezer.
Frozzo is a promise of freshness with goodness that will drive you into the dimensions of something nutritive and delectable.  

With dynamic routines becoming a part of the daily hustle, Frozzo is an instant solution to fill the flavored gap in our consumers'  foodie life.

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We provide the best quality Frozen snacks and veggies. We Keep every parameter checked and assessed as our first priority.


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A recipe has no soul. YOU, as the cook, must bring SOUL to the recipe.


Our Qualities

Our products are reliable, safe and tested. We follow all the parameters of food standards to make them best for our customers.

In the year, 2013 under SM Pal Group, Pal Frozen Foods led a full-fledged journey in the frozen food market by launching the "PalFresh" as a brand that proved itself in every sphere of the best.
Pal Frozen Foods which initiated its journey from Haldwani Uttarakhand, has built a foundation for itself with Palfresh, to be one of the leading processors and producers of Frozen fruits and veggies across India.
Our constant embarking spirit has generated prospects for us not only from India but globally.
Our Continuous efforts have added freshness and goodness to our customer's foodies' vibes by leveraging the nutritional value straight from our farms.
Cultivating a remarkable impact in the frozen food segment has made Pal Frozen Foods the face of the evolution.

The spirit of evolving with the changing world thoughts has led us to introduce FROZZO. 



Our Products

Zingy Veggie Patty
Crunchy Veggir Stix
Aloo Tikki
Chilli Garlic Nuggets
Hara Bhara Kebab
Cheese Corn Nuggets
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