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India’s largest globally recognized, export-focused promotional trade fair for food and beverages products, Indus food 2023 commenced on 8th Jan till 10th Jan in Hyderabad. Pal frozen foods have participated and promoted itself with farsighted, cogent, customer-centric and collaboration-oriented approach. We specially given focus on exhibiting Pal frozen foods brand with optimal visibility and aesthetic delight to ensure that our booth stands out and give seamless experience to the clients. It has showcased its 100% vegetarian brands Pal Fresh and Frozzo straight from the roots of Uttarakhand’s Himalaya.

Amidst all the anticipation and competition around this huge event, Pal frozen foods has got tremendous achievements by interacting persistently with exporters and distributors also, facilitated samples of innovative array of enticing frozen vegetable and snacks. Pal frozen foods has availed this platform to grab the opportunity not only to highlight wide range of frozen vegetables and snacks but, also to demonstrate the seed variety used for different vegetables, harvesting process ,production cycle with uncompromised quality, maintained in every step of production till distribution by conserving the cold chain.  

Pal frozen foods has chosen to sustain the legacy by continually maintaining the standards of production till packaging that ensures best color, texture and taste of the product as fresh as it was at the time of harvesting by using best technologies. Pal frozen foods formidable HORECA player nationally now open new segment into frozen snacks which will mainly focus into retail market.

This expo has given us innovative mode to present our industry in South Asia’s largest integrated trade fair where we got to know more about our scope of business and a new approach to grow ourselves endlessly. This will not end up here; we will ensure that our presence will be there in every potential conclave.

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