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Pal Frozen Foods : Launches a new brand "FROZZO", A Ready To Fry Food Brand.

For every individual, the journey has a different meaning, some see it as a simple start and the endpoint, few observe it as a full-flown ride with obstacles on every side and minimal view it as a pathway to discovering the light.

The light of success and glory chased with each step carried with the courage of being the better version of themselves every time they move forward. Likewise, "Pal Frozen foods" has always embodied this essence in its journey.

Nicely decorated Frozen snacks packets are displayed in wooden platter  with a message saying - A premium range of Ready to fry products

Since its launch in the industry of frozen food, it has registered its mark and has established itself as a brand for food lovers. Pal Frozen Foods' journey of 10 years is the epitome of determination and hard work.

In the year, 2013 SM Pal Group came across the frozen food demand in the Indian market and went ahead by launching the "PalFresh" as a brand under Pal Frozen Foods in Ready to Cook sector of Food Industry which proved itself in every sphere of being the best.

Since its commence, PalFresh has become one of the leading brands in frozen fruits & vegetables by meeting-up the frozen food demand across India. Its penetration in the market has been phenomenal in a short span.

The success of Palfresh brought a light of hope to Pal Frozen Foods to come up with a new brand FROZZO which will lay down the foundation for Pal Frozen Foods to enter into the Ready To Fry sector of the food industry.

The newest addition to the world of deliciousness and healthy eating. Our brand is dedicated to providing high-quality, all-natural ingredients in every product we create.

Our Product range features a variety of options from premium frozen vegetables to delicious frozen snacks, all made with farm fresh veggies sourced from our farms to give you the real taste of goodness and freshness.

From our savory Zingy Veggie patty to our hearty sweet corn, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Here is a list of frozen food items that we have bought for you:

Premium Snacks

  • Crispy Aloo Tikki

  • Zingy Veggie Patty

  • Hara Bhara Kebab

  • Cheese Corn Nuggets

  • Chilli garlic nuggets

  • Crunchy Veggie stixs

Premium Vegetables

  • Baby Corn

  • Broccoli

  • Mix Veg

  • Sweet Corn

  • Green peas

Closing Message

With the changing world's thoughts and routines, Frozzo is going to fulfil the flavoured gap in our consumers' foodie life. We are excited to share our passion for great food with you. Thank you for choosing FROZZO!

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