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Get Your Tummy filled with delicious frozen Snacks !

"Frozzo" is a division of Pal Frozen Foods launched in 2021 that offers a premium RTF/RTE frozen snack range. Pal Frozen Foods, known for quality frozen vegetables and fruits, continues to pioneer Uttarakhand's frozen food segment. With a vision to serve high-quality frozen snacks to its customers, Pal Frozen Foods introduced Frozzo, which comes with an authentic taste of Indian spices blended with veggies, directly from our farms to your freezer. We are the most trusted name as a distributor of quality frozen food.

Our Story

In the year 2013, under SM Pal Group, Pal Frozen Foods led a full-fledged journey in the frozen food market by launching “PalFresh” as a brand, which proved itself in every sphere of the best. Pal Frozen Foods, which initiated its journey from Haldwani, Uttarakhand, has built a foundation for itself with PalFresh, to be one of the leading processors and producers of frozen fruits and veggies across India.

Our constant embarking spirit has generated prospects for us not only from India but globally. Our continuous efforts have added freshness and goodness to our customers' foodie vibes by leveraging the nutritional value straight from our farms. Cultivating a remarkable impact in the frozen food segment has made Pal Frozen Foods the face of the evolution.

The spirit of evolving with changing world thoughts has led us to introduce FROZZO.

FROZZO – A premium range of “Ready to Fry” and “Ready to Cook” food segments, is a vibrant combination of delicious snacks and premium frozen veggies. It comes with an authentic taste of Indian spices blended with fresh frozen veggies, directly from our farms to your freezer. Frozzo is a promise of freshness with goodness that will drive you into the dimensions of something nutritive and delectable.

With dynamic routines becoming a part of the daily hustle, Frozzo is an instant solution to fill the flavored gap in our consumers’ foodie life.

Our Advantages

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We utilize IQF technology to process our frozen snacks and deliever you the best frozen snacks.

Our frozen snacks contain zero trans fat per serve. Keeping it at safe level for you.

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We preserve natural colours of our frozen snacks .

Elevate Your Business With Us!

Bring In The Best For Your Business With Frozzo!

In the dynamic world of B2B opportunities, Frozzo emerges as your ultimate partner in unlocking the full potential of your business. With a comprehensive suite of services tailored to fuel your growth, Frozzo offers white and private labeling, a diverse range of products, logistics support, and customizable solutions—all meticulously designed to elevate your business to new heights of success.

Experience the difference with Frozzo by your side as we seamlessly integrate your vision into every aspect of your business journey. From providing a wide variety of frozen snacks to our unwavering logistics support, we are committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your goals.

Diverse Range of Products


Product Customization


Logistics Support


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White & Private Labeling


Quality Standard


Cost Effectiveness


Why Choose Us

Success in the food industry combines diligence, skill, and smart choices, where taste meets convenience for consistent excellence. We produce diverse range of premium frozen snacks by using advanced IQF technology and sourcing the capabilities of contract farming. Our snacks are offered year-round and are crafted to fulfill our customers' specific demands, establishing market trust.

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