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From Our Farms, To Your Freezer!

Established in 2013, Pal Fresh is specialized in offering top-notch frozen vegetables and fruits, meticulously packed in high-quality seals to ensure they remain pristine and protected from the outside environment. Trusted by consumers and partners worldwide, Pal Fresh is your gateway to exceptional frozen foods, bringing farm-fresh goodness right to your home. Experience the difference with Pal Fresh, where quality meets convenience.

Story Behind Pal Fresh

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Founded by SM Pal Group, Pal Frozen Food entered the market in 2013 with a clear aim to redefine frozen food quality. Under the brand 'Pal Fresh,' we provide premium frozen vegetables and fruits, trusted across the globe for our unwavering commitment to freshness and excellence.

Driven by a 'people-first' mindset, SM Pal Group expanded its footprint across the world, fueled by a dedicated team and a passion for quality. With our dedicated farmers under the supervision of our expert team, committed to upholding the Pal Group's legacy, the company has set its sights on even greater heights across the world.

Pal Fresh provides convenient, high-quality frozen foods tailored to our client needs, using a state-of-the-art cold chain system for safe and hygienic delivery. As we grow, our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction defines the core of our operations. 

Join us in our journey towards setting new benchmarks in the frozen food industry. With Pal Fresh, experience a commitment to freshness and quality that you can trust.

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No Colour

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No Preservatives


No Additives

This Is How We Reach You

From the verdant farm-fields of Uttarakhand, our skilled farmers harvest vegetables at their peak, guided by our agronomists. After careful inspection and quality checks, these freshly picked vegetables undergo freezing using state-of-the-art IQF technology. This meticulous process ensures that we deliver only the finest frozen vegetables to you.

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Fresh Vegetables are harvested at peak ripening stage and  procured from farms.

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Frozen vegetables are delivered PAN India and exported worldwide.

Enjoy the best frozen vegetables from our farms to your freezer.

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Vegetables are frozen through State-of-the-art IQF processing.

Our Frozen Vegetables

Indulge in nature's reward with our year-round freshness of frozen vegetables, your key to sustainability and freshness.

Fresh Khao,

Healthy Raho!

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